Halloween Nail Mail!

Hey guys! Today I got some nail mail, from who else but my love Jessica :D She sent me 9 polishes! woohoo :D

I updated my stash list already with them too ;) I'll try to keep up with that as best as I can!

She sent my Butter London (my first one!) primrose hill panic, Sally Hansen pumpkin spice, Orly sweet peacock, and a bunch of pumpkins! they are all un-named, so on my stash list their "names" are just the description of what they are :P She also sent me Fantasy Makers loose holo glitter powder, and a glow in the dark body glitter :D I am SET for Halloween!

I took a few close-ups of the glitter pumpkins, the first is a dark grey/black glitter with silver moons, next is a black and orange bar glitter, and the light orange has tiny little holo glitter in it. The other glitter is round orange pieces and I didn't think it needed a close up :) three of the 6 pumpkins are glow in the dark too! So exciting :D

So what do you think?

Until next time! Happy painting! :)