Orly fowl play, and nail mail!

Hey guys :) So today I got a pleasant surprise! I knew Jess had sent me nail mail, but I wasn't expecting it yet. My mail came and no box, but no biggie I figured I would get it tomorrow, so a little later my neighbor comes by and says "this got delivered to our house" SCORE! woohoo!! I had already planned on a color for tonight but nail mail changed my mind there!

Since she is so awesome, and my area is HORRIBLE for finding anything (and no I'm so not being dramatic) she sent me Revlon blue mosaic, starry pink, and facets of fuchsia, Orly fowl play and rock solid, I also got my first EOS (chap stick in a ball that smells and tastes yummy!) some Halloween nail decals, and cupcake stickers :D I tell her all the time but I am lucky to have her as a friend <3

I figured I HAD to use fowl play since it's so sought after right now. It's beautiful and I wish I had a better camera to catch all the colors in it! The base is a jelly (or so it seems to me lol) that is a plum color, there are blue and purple tiny glass flecks and orangish flakies, it's beautiful! I can't wait to see it in the sun in the morning :D

Ignore the green polish on my hand lol...evidently I transferred that while I was taking it off :P

So what do you think?

Until next time, happy painting!