Orly royal velvet

Hey guys! So as far as I know you cannot buy royal velvet in stores anymore (but you can find it online) but it was on my wish list, when one of the lovely ladies in F&F posted that she needed to get rid of some polish, and it was on her list I jumped on it!

I'm not really sure what you would classify this polish as, not really a multi-chrome but not really a docherome (sp?) either, either way it's really pretty! With one coat it's not completely sheer but you can see bald spots, and it's a dark purple color. Add a second coat and it's this subtle shimmery dark blue, so pretty! I took a few pictures trying to capture the different shades to it :)

First one is inside with flash, inside with natural light, and two outside.

It's pretty right? :)

Until next time! Happy Painting!