A England, lady of the lake

Hey guys! I was drooling to try A England, lady of the lake, so no Halloween post today! But I think it's worth it!!

I won this in a giveaway last week, along with two others (read about it a few posts back) and couldn't think of something Halloween to do over it, so I left it alone.

Holy crap this color is gorgeous! It's a medium purple with scattered holo, and those of you that know once you go holo you can never go back! You become obsessed!!!

On with the pictures you say? I've got em! :D

Inside, natural light, no flash.

Inside, natural light, with flash

Outside, sunlight, no flash.

She's beautiful right?! This is my first A England, and I think I **need** more, what others should I look into?

Until next time! Happy painting :D