Epic haul and nail mail!

Hey guys! Over the weekend I went a little crazy on the polish, I couldn't help myself lol.

I was all over town and got a bunch of polish, and got a bunch for other girls too.

The boho Color Club set, I got from Ross, as well as the Borghese set (three for 4.99?! yes please!!)

In the Borghese set we have from left to right, poema orchid, tangelo sherbet, and luna pearl.

The Color Club boho set contains from left to right nomadic in nude, earthy angel, new boehemian, shabby drab, rad nomad, red-ical gypsy and stuck on you basecoat.

From Walgreens I found the whole brand new limited edition Wet N Wild color icon polishes (these were also ones I found for other ladies). From left to right we have, rockin rubies, 24 carats, give me a price quote, cost is no issue, believe me it's real, it's all in the cut, back alley deals, and diamond in the rough.

From Sally's I got the whole brand new Color Club holiday scented polishes, and had my old many pick me out an Orly :) From left to right we have Orly emberstone, Color Club, gingerbread man, kiss me mistletoe, Santa's cinnamon, sugar plum yum, orna-minted, and very berry merry. Sorry the last one is cut off a bit in the picture!

From Rite Aid and Target I got Loreal owl's night, and Nicole by OPI snow-man of my dreams.

and last by not least was today's nail mail! My Picture Polishes, and Ozotics!!! from left to right we have Ozotic pro 511, Ozotic 521 and 528. Picture Polish camo, vampire, and denim (which for some reason was backward lol)

I'm waiting on about 17-20 more in the mail very shortly too! Wow, I need to update my stash list lol.

Until next time! Happy painting!!