Glowing Ghosts

Here's a simple Halloween Nail Design:

Inspired by Glowing Ghosts!

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You'll need three polishes for this manicure:

For the glow-in-the-dark polish Sephora by OPI Full Moon was used, for the base color OPI Alpine Snow - Matte was used, and for the detailing Sally Hansen Black Out was used.

The first step is comprised of Steps 1 and 2.

For Step 1, paint on your base color that will go below the glow-in-the-dark. Here, one coat of OPI Alpine Snow - Matte was used. (You will need to do this step for most glow-in-the-dark polishes because they tend to be sheer. If you are using a tinted glow-in-the-dark polish, you can use a background color that is the same as the glow-in-the-dark tint to help strengthen the look of the color.)

Step 2 is to paint on your glow-in-the-dark color. In order to get white colored ghosts (when the lights are on) I used Sephora by OPI Full Moon from last year's Halloween Collection. Full Moon is less sheer and more of a cream glow-in-the-dark, but to get full coverage you need at least 3 coats, so a base coat was applied and what you see above is only 2 coats of Full Moon.

Here is where the blue painter's tape comes in!

For Step 3, using the corner of a card or piece of paper (or any 90 degree angle tool/triangle/ect.) draw a triangle on the side of a piece of blue tape, where the triangle would cover about half of your nail length.

Next, inside the triangle you have just drawn, draw a wavy line where one end of the line comes from the edge of the tape and the end point of the line meets the tip of the triangle. Then draw another wavy line inside the triangle along the opposite side of the triangle. This will form a "wavy lined" triangle that will mark off the beginning of the head of the ghost to its tail. (See the above image for a better reference.)

Cut out the wavy lined triangle and place it upside down on your nail. You will be using the sides of the triangle (not the base) to tape off the area to be painted with the detailing color.

After following Step 3 for all your nails, use a dotting tool to add first the eyes (one dot for each eye), then the mouth (which is an combination of first dotting a point, then dragging the point down and back up to form an oval shape).

Step 5, wait until the black is dry! And then add top coat.

And when you turn off the lights...

You have your glowing ghosts!

Have you already chosen your Halloween manicure?