Halloween stamped nails

Hey guys! More Halloween nails! I think next month is going to get boring :P

Last night I changed my candy corn nails up but was just to "eh" to do something super fancy, so I grabbed my Konad m57 (I think?) plate (the only one I have btw) and off I went.

I used Orly fresh for my green, then topped it with one coat of Pumpkin Nail Enamel in glow in the dark green. I used WnW ink well to use for the stamping, then added a few orange rhinestones along with the accent nails.

Sorry for the chip wear on my pointer, I took the pictures tonight instead of last night when I did them :P I also did clean up in a dark room so it's not the best in the world, like I said I was feeling "eh" lol :P

What do you think? They do glow in the dark but I'm horrible with pictures evidently :P lol

Until next time! Happy painting :D