Halloween, WnW OTP collection swatches!

Hey guys :) Yep more Halloween polishes! This is the last one, promise! ;) After this I'm hoping to have some super cute Halloween themed nails to show you all!

I had a hard time finding the OTP collection, much like most of the ladies I have talked to about it, but the lovely Sarah, who is a fellow polish obsessed blogger of Chalkboard Nails was able to find two almost whole sets. In a group the two of us are on on FB she did a giveaway of sorts to see who would be able to purchase the set from her, it was only missing tangled in my web, so I went for it and got it ;)

Two days later I found the collection on my own, and was able to get the last tangled in my web to complete my collection! woohoo :)

So now I have them to show all of you :)

I took the pictures so that you could see the name of all of the polishes, once again I'm sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, I hope they are good enough for you to fall in love with some new polish!

What do you think? Any favorites? I like most of them! Ink well is just black, nothing special, BUT I had to have the whole collection so meh...lol

Until next time! Happy painting!