The New American Apparel Polishes!

American Apparel just launched three new metallic lacquers perfect for the coming holiday season (or anytime)!

From left to right the new shades are Silver Jazz, Gold Flash, and Bronze Dash. These are certainly different finishes than the creme polishes that American Apparel has previously released.

They recently added neon polishes to their collection, along with a few other shades that weren't in their first or second wave of releases. Here are a few of their other new shades:

pictured above - Angeline

pictured above - Imperial Purple

pictured above - The Valley

pictured above - Sunset Blvd

pictured above - Sunshine State

All of their polishes are $6US a bottle. There are a few other new colors (or at least ones I haven't seen before), like a new gray shade called 7th and Alameda.

I'm quite excited to check out these new shades the next time I go to American Apparel. The Valley looks like a beautiful blue shade, and the new metallic shades are quite exciting. I love the bright look of Sunshine State, but I think that's a funny name for a polish that's supposed to be inspired by Los Angeles/California, since 'Sunshine State' is the nickname for Florida, while California is the 'Golden State'. Well, California certainly gets a lot of sunshine considering that it was a cloud-free day today and the average temperature in LA was 98 degrees Fahrenheit/37 degrees Celsius.

If you'd like to check out any of these new shades or any of their original lacquers, visit your local American Apparel store, or by them online Here.

*Images in this post were gotten from American Apparel's PR and their website.*