Traci is God! My contest wins!!! **must see!!*

Hey guys! Last week I won Traci's giveaway from Llarowe, if you haven't checked out her site before, do it now!!! There are some amazing polishes there!

Those of you that don't know who Traci is, are slacking!! She is part of the reason I have become obsessed with polish ;) Some people are huge haters and talk a lot of crap about her, but they can stick it up their butt for all I care :P All I have had with Traci are great experiences, and her blog is wonderful too, talk about someone to be jealous of, her fingers are perfect!

So anyway I got to choose three different polishes, and I got them in the mail today!!

I picked Ozotic 529, A England lady of the lake, and Glitter Gal lizard belly. Yep you can drool, it's okay...I did!!

So here are some pictures of them in the bottles :D

Beautiful right??? I'm going to attempt something with lizard belly first, keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Until next time, happy painting :D